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Sector reviews

Regular sector reviews

The Sectors Committee conducts a rolling programme of reviews where it looks at issues affecting particular sectors and considers changes, commonly in light of changes in the market.  It also considers the case for the introduction of new sectors or the abolition of existing ones which have become too small.

Where a change is made to an IMA sector or a new sector is introduced or an old one is abolished, this is generally announced in a press release. 

Recent sector reviews

IMA confirms the changes resulting from the Fixed Income Project (6 August 2013)
IMA announces outcome of Absolute Return Sector review (27 February 2013)
Harmonisation of IMA/ABI managed/mixed investment sectors (26 May 2011)
IMA publishes decisions from sector review (26 May 2011)
IMA announces changes to sectors (23 November 2010)
IMA provides update on sector review (27 October 2010)

IMA & ABI Harmonise Managed/Mixed Investment Sectors

This paper sets out the conclusions and decisions made by the two organisations to achieve harmonisation.

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