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Fund statistics

The IMA publishes industry-wide statistics about fund sales and funds under management for UK authorised unit trusts and open ended investment companies (OEICS), as well for some recognised Offshore Funds.

Fund statistics for members

IMA full members have fuller access to IMA fund statistics through ECHOweb. ECHOweb enables members to carry out their own detailed analysis of industry trends, including their market share and ranking across IMA sectors and distribution channels. For more information, send an email to IMA statistics.

Latest fund statistics

May 2014

Funds under management £801 billion
Net Retail sales £1.9 billion
Net Institutional sales -£311 million

Most recent press release

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Property sector leads the way with net retail sales of £491 million 

  • Property sector sees highest net retail sales since December 2009 at £491 million
  • Fund net retail sales were £1.9 billion – close to the £2 billion average of the last 12 months
  • Equity remained the highest selling asset class with net retail sales of £558 million
  • Global Equity funds were the best-selling region in May 2014 with net retail sales of £390 million


Full figures

More detailed tables and the archive of figures released in the last five years.



Click on the links below to see the IMA’s latest figures brought to life in graph and table format.

Funds under management

FUM chart image  Latest monthly, quarterly and annual figures for the UK fund industry - showing how much is invested in different classes.

Retail sales

Retail sales chart image  Latest net retail sales figures - monthly, quarterly and annually for the last ten years.

Statistics by Sector

Total funds under management and retails sales by sector, plus best selling IMA sectors and the best and worst selling sectors over the last ten years.

Offshore funds

Latest figures for overseas domiciled funds.

Monthly company rankings

Latest fund for monthly company rankings.

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