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Statistics by sector

This page shows funds under management, retail sales and performance figures by IMA sector.  IMA sectors divide the funds universe to reflect the asset type, industry sector or geographic regions in which funds are invested.

Statistics by sector - Best selling IMA sectors - latest month

June 2014
  Total of which ISAs
IMA Sector Net retail sales - £m Net retail sales - £m
UK Equity Income 1,375 109
Property 316 41
Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares 222 14
£ Strategic Bond 171 12
Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares 154 9
Targeted Absolute Return 112 1
Global Equity Income 101 13
Asia Pacific Excluding Japan 99 0
Global 96 -3
Japan 83 2
Europe Excluding UK 56 -16
£ Corporate Bond 45 -30
Global Emerging Markets 40 -3
European Smaller Companies 19 -1
China/Greater China 17 -3
Specialist 16 0
Mixed Investment 0-35% Shares 15 4
UK Equity and Bond Income 9 -1
Technology and Telecommunications 9 -1
Japanese Smaller Companies 3 0
Global Emerging Markets Bond 1 -1
Personal Pensions -1 0
Europe Including UK -1 -1
£ High Yield -1 -2
Money Market -5 0
UK Index Linked Gilts -8 0
Short Term Money Market -16 -1
UK Gilts -30 1
North American Smaller Companies -36 -1
Asia Pacific Including Japan -44 -1
Global Bonds -83 6
UK Smaller Companies -84 -26
Flexible Investment -93 -20
North America -105 2
Protected -108 -46
UK All Companies -421 -143
UK Total 1,926 -86


  1. Figures: All figures are in £ millions. Figures have therefore been rounded to the nearest £ million. Where a chart shows a value of £0 - this indicates a figure below £500,000.
  2. ISA figures from January 2008: Figures are based on ISAs provided by fund companies and five platforms (Cofunds, Fidelity, Hargreaves Landsdown, Skandia and Transact). Figures for earlier years cover fewer platforms. The figures do not include ISAs provided by other platforms or where the ISA provider is an intermediary other than a platform. All figures include former PEPs.
  3. Asset types: (Equity, Fixed Income etc) are defined in terms of the IMA sectors included. To see which sectors are allocated to each asset type, see the table 'Statistics by sector - Sector summary - asset type by sector'.
  4. All sales and repurchases to funds of funds are included. To avoid double counting, transactions between funds of funds and their underlying funds are excluded. The sector rankings do not include 'Unclassified sector'. These are funds which have chosen not to be classified.
  5. ISA figures exclude a small number of funds held on fund platforms but not in an IMA sector. These figures are, however, included in the IMA monthly press release tables, unless otherwise footnoted

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