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IMA Guidelines on inducements (September 2014)

FATCA self-certification guidance

» Individual self-certification (July 2014)
» Entity self-certification (July 2014)

Statement of Recommended Practice for the Financial Statements of Authorised Funds

» SORP for Authorised Funds (May 2014)
» Feedback statement (May 2014)
» Additional Guidance  (July 2011)
» IMA SORP (October 2010) 
» Feedback Statement (October 2010)

Use of Dealing Commission: Corporate Access
» (March 2013)

Model Discretionary Investment Management Agreement
» Model Agreement Version 1.1 (February 2013)
» General Licence (March 2013)

Enhanced disclosure of fund charges and costs
» Fund charges and costs
» Guidance (September 2012)

Institutional Shareholders' Committee - Statement of Principles
» Code on the Responsibilities of Institutional Investors (November 2009)
» Press release (November 2009)
» FAQs (November 2009)

Authorised Funds: A Regulatory Guide
» (March 2012)

Model Terms of Business with Brokers
» (July 2009)

Paperless transfer/renunciation for authorised funds 
» (April 2009)

Market Timing
» Guidelines for Managers of Investment Funds (July 2008)

Pension Fund Disclosure Code
» Code on transparency of costs (Third Edition)  (September 2007)

Relations with Investee Companies
» Guidance on Good Practice (October 2004) 

Institutional Shareholders' Committee - Statement of Principles 
» The Responsibilities of Institutional Shareholders and Agents (October 2002)

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