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Fundweb Blog

Avoiding Collateral Damage

I’m fully aware that for most the world collateral and initial margin is a complete enigma. But it’s important and will have a big impact on asset managers’ business. Last month I grappled with, and responded to, the BCBS-IOSCO consultation on Margin requirements for non-centrally cleared derivatives – sexy I know.

Jane Lowe, IMA Director of Markets
May 2013

Investments & Pensions Europe

Daniel Godfrey: “I want to focus on…”

If you stop and ask most people in the street, they’ll have little idea about what investment management is, how pensions work or what asset managers do.  In the UK historically, there were good reasons for this.  Employees who were members of company schemes would tend to see the ‘pension promise’ that was inherent in the predominant defined benefit (DB) approach.  

Daniel Godfrey, IMA Chief Executive
April 2013

Money Marketing Column

FCA is making all the right noises

It was with a growing sense of optimism that I read the FCA business plan.

Daniel Godfrey, IMA Chief Executive
March 2013

Fundweb blog

The new UK Tax-Transparent Funds: a world leader

As part of its commitment to addressing the competitiveness of the UK Asset Management industry, the Government is introducing new tax-transparent fund structures into domestic law.  Tax-transparent funds are very useful; they are not avoidance mechanisms - they ensure investors pay the right amount of tax, but presently if you want to use one you have to go outside the UK.  

Guy Sears, Director Institutional
March 2013

Column for Money Marketing

Getting the FSCS funding right

Whilst everyone around me appears worried about what their lasagne really contains, once again I’ve been preoccupied over what the retail pool for the FSCS funding scheme will contain.

Guy Sears, IMA Director, Institutional
February 2013


The UK shapes the future of tax information reporting

For the last two or three years much of the financial sector has been up in arms about FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) – a requirement levied on the world’s financial institutions by the US to provide information on US clients.

Jorge Morley-Smith, Head of Tax
January 2013


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