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Serving many millions of clients... If you have a pension, stocks and shares ISA, unit trust or life assurance policy, for example, your money is being looked after by the investment management industry. The industry invests its clients' money across a broad range of asset classes and products, including equity, bond, property, money market and hedge funds.

A large, international industry....IMA members manage £5.0 out of £6.0 trillion of assets in the UK, making this country one of the world's leading investment management centres. It is a very international business. Of the £5.0 trillion, 40% of assets are managed on behalf of non-UK clients, many overseas firms have substantial UK operations and there is significant investment in overseas markets.  The wider industry includes more niche asset management segments as well as a small group of traditional, long-only firms outside of IMA membership.

Easily accessible by retail investors... Retail investors can access the industry's services through investing in authorised funds (unit trusts and OEICs). Hundreds of billions of pounds of investments are held in this form, managed by a wide range of fund management companies.

With a clearly aligned and protective business structure... Investment managers charge fees to their clients, normally based on a percentage of the value of the assets being managed. The client's investments are held completely separately from the manager, providing important protection for investors.

Facilitating wider economic activity... Asset management firms essentially act as a conduit through which capital flows from those who would like to invest to those who need investment. The industry also plays a significant role in overseeing UK companies. UK equities held by UK-based investment managers on behalf of their clients account for some 40% of domestic market capitalisation.

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